Modern technologies bring innovative ways of interacting with hotel or restaurant guests and a number of tools to enhance their overall customer experience. By personalizing the services for each visitor, you can turn one-time guests into regular guests and get loyal ambassadors of your brand.



Wi-Fi connection and TV have become one of the basic criteria when choosing accommodation. With Slovanet services you can ensure reliable Wi-Fi coverage in all your premises. In addition, the Wi-Fi login portal, clad in your colors, allows you to get more visibility and provide visitors with targeted information or current offers.

You can make the stay of your guests more enjoyable by quality television services, too. All the necessary information as well as an offer of additional services can be provided directly on the TV screen thanks to the professional Property Management System.


A professional CCTV system will provide you 24/7 security of your guests. Our comprehensive IT security solution handles the protection of your data and processed personal data.


Intelligent sensors give you an overview of the current climatic conditions in your premises. You can create a healthier environment for your visitors, but also control the appropriate conditions of stored food and meals.

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They chose us
Hotel Kaskady – BAD, s. r. o.

Hotel Kaskady – BAD, s. r. o.

We have improved the state of the Kaskady resort with Meraki and CISCO technologies, which represent the most modern and high-quality combination of technology options.

Kúpele Nimnica, a.s.

Kúpele Nimnica, a.s.

The current solution fully covers the needs of Kúpele Nimnica Spa for telecommunication services (transmission capacities, availability of services, complexity and others) and gives sufficient space to deal with internal activities.

Horizont Resort Stará Lesná

Horizont Resort Stará Lesná

For the hotel Stará Lesná we have designed and implemented comprehensive hotel technologies, from the use of IPTV, through Wi-Fi infrastructure with a pleasant and simple portal for its management.