Hotel Kaskady – BAD, s. r. o.

The Hotel & Spa Resort Kaskady in Sliač – Sielnica is one of the most popular Slovak hotels (which proves also the 1st place on the travel portal Trip Advisor). It focuses primarily on health prevention and maintaining youth and vitality. Modern spa and wellness connects people with nature.

The resort’s greatest wealth is the healing water in swimming pools and its beneficial effects on health, especially on muscle and joint regeneration. The convenient location, excellent cuisine and spacious rooms for the provision of congress services satisfy the requirements of demanding clients. The goal of management is to bring new investments every year and maintain the reputation of being a modern hotel offering highest quality services for its guests.

We were surprised by the results immediately after the deployment of the Slovanet Wi-Fi network. Everything worked better than before. Also in terms of signal coverage.
Ing. Branislav Mala, Executive director of Hotel Kaskady – BAD, s. r. o.

Issues with customer communication and Wi-Fi outages

Before the cooperation with Slovanet the Kaskady resort used its own hardware. Individual events of increases in the number of clients (usually in relation with the provision of congress services) resulted in outages of Wi-Fi devices. The first unsuccessful solution to this problem was the hotel extension of installed APs (access points to the wireless Wi-Fi network, i.e. the devices to which clients connect). In the view of the resort the impossibility to communicate with guests via its own Wi-Fi devices was also a shortcoming. They wanted to gather contact information from the guests (via e-mail, social account…) so that they could contact them in a follow-up. And, of course, to enable customers to send off comments and complaints as soon as they log in to the hotel’s wireless network. Kaskady resort wanted to keep the original Wi-Fi and implement the HotSpot extension. They successfully tested several offers from various suppliers. In the final selection they were convinced by the attractive proposal of Slovanet, whose offer included solutions to the previous shortcomings. The hotel also appreciated the professional approach and efforts for the most suitable adjustment of technologies for the future, i.e. the development of provided services.

The Solution

Slovanet has improved the previous state of Kaskady resort with its product Meraki and CISCO, as a state of art and high-quality combination of technology options to meet customer requirements at an affordable price. Hotel & Spa Resort Kaskady is another satisfied client of Slovanet and started using the service aero:LINK,which reduces costs (because it does not require the purchase of a hardware controller) and the network complexity through cloud-based Wi-Fi management. The resort has also become a user of the Wi-Fi extension aero:LINK SPOT. With this service, they have received a modern communication channel with customers in the form of a Wi-Fi access portal using the “colors of the client” (i.e. using the hotel brand), statistical information and analysis, and a wide range of Wi-Fi connectivity monetization options. When confronted with the solution of the previous state of affairs of the Hotel & Spa Resort Kaskady, Slovanet suggested using fewer access points than were used previously. This is one of the reasons why the hotel was concerned about the sufficiency of the parameters of Wi-Fi coverage. “We were surprised by the results immediately after the deployment of the Slovanet Wi-Fi network. Everything worked better than before. This was also in terms of signal coverage” says Ing. Branislav Mala, Managing Director of Kaskady – BAD, s.r.o.

Other advantages of the solution include:

  • regular collection of e-mail addresses of hotel clients,
  • display of ads for resort services and various actions depending on the location from which clients connect
  • technology compliance relating to conditions of GDPR.

The hotel admits that they were surprised to find out the amount of data downloaded on its premises as well as the amount of data transferred by the staff.

SECTOR: tourism

LOCATION: Slovak Republic, Sliač – Sielnica