Business name: Slovanet, a.s.
Seat: Záhradnícka 151, 821 08 Bratislava 2
Company registration number: 35 954 612, Tax ID: SK2022059094, VAT registration number: 2022059094 (New identification data since 1.4.2015)
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The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the City Court Bratislava III, section Sa, insert no. 3692/B
CID: SK80ZZZ70000000379 (Payee identification number under SEPA European legislation from April 2015).


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In Slovakia, Slovanet provides telecommunication services through several end-user connection technologies, the availability of which is site-dependent and has different technical parameters. Typical maximum values (e.g. internet connection speed) are presented on the web page. This general offer and product parameters are not automatically available to all prospects and Slovanet cannot guarantee their availability. The prospect obtains the specified offer and price of services using the availability verification tool and in some cases only after additional technical confirmation of the feasibility of the requested service. The amount of the service fee or the type and cost of the equipment required may also depend on the connection technology. The monthly prices of the services and products presented on the general website may be related to the parts of the contract term, in which case the availability verification tool will also provide the prices valid for the remaining contract term or commitment.


In order to ensure the quality and reliability of the operation of the services provided, to prevent congestion of network technologies and to ensure the principle of fairness and to protect users from mutual restrictions when using shared technical resources, Slovanet applies technical measures to measure and manage the operation of services. These include Fair Use Policy (FUP), aggregation, or other measures. Information on these measures can be found in the price lists (tariffs) and general conditions for the provision of the relevant services, for selected Internet services as well as in specific documents defining the FUP conditions. They are available in the Support section of the Documents to download.


General terms of providing services, tariffs and other documents