Kúpele Nimnica, a.s.

KÚPELE NIMNICA, a.s. is one of the youngest Wellness and Spa resorts in Slovakia. They are located at the foot of the Javorníky mountain outcrop over the Nosicka water reservoir in a quiet forest park. The unique composition of natural mineral water containing trace elements predetermines them for the treatment of respiratory and digestive tract, circulatory, musculoskeletal and nervous systems and for gynecological and oncological diseases.

In recent years, the Spa has undergone a huge modernization of its wellness areas, accommodation houses and now it meets the demanding standards of top-class Spa facilities and services. Every year thousands of guests find here health, relaxation and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The modernization of the spa affected also the area of information and communication technologies. Slovanet has provided us with a modern and secure solution that saves time and money.
Mgr. Martin Pavlik,
 Vice Chairman of the Board of Directrors, 
Kúpele Nimnica, a.s.



The accommodation services of today’s busy times entail the expectation of guests for a reliable, fast and secure Internet connection from the comfort of their rooms of the Spa houses. The Nimnica Spa received customer comments to the original unstable Wi-Fi connection that did not meet their demands. The launch of cooperation with Slovanet at the turn of 2017/2018 has been a further steps on the path of the Spa center to modernize its customer services.

The situation in the infrastructure of information and communications services of the Spa was serious. Outdated solutions were procured from various suppliers, which made it difficult to repair and service the internet and phone connections in the event of any technical failures. Often, one provider made references the other provider’s problems, which made things unnecessarily complicated and caused delay to the necessary audit of the IT infrastructure. As Mgr. Martin Pavlik is adding: “We responded to increasing customer pressure for high-quality IT services and decided to select a modern, centralized, high-availability solution.”

Slovanet, thanks to its expertise gained the trust of this Client who initially favored a solution offered by a different telecommunication services operator. However, the offer of the competition incorrectly identified the problem and the presented proposal did not meet the criteria that would help to solve the Client’s problems. The disadvantage of the competition was also a lower level of flexibility in the design of solutions. The professional approach of Slovanet’s experts identified the correct priority, namely the functioning of the data network and Wi-Fi, after the initial interview with the Customer. The operator proposed the necessary technical investigation, audit of the IT infrastructure and presented a series of improvement measures to the Spa with a detailed description of the situation.

Thanks to Slovanet, the problem was solved in a short time during a general company holiday – during Christmas and at the beginning of the year. The aim was to ensure a smooth transition to the new IT infrastructure without adversely affecting the quality of services provided to Spa guests.


Spa Nimnica use the Internet data services internet:LINK. A synchronous Internet connection via a fiber optics network with a capacity of 50/50 Mbps is complemented by a reserve ADSL backup solution. The network infrastructure is secured by 8 backbone manageable switches by CISCO. To increase data security, Slovanet provides the service safe:LINK. A powerful FortiGate firewall protects the network against any internet attacks.

To increase the satisfaction of Spa guests, the infrastructure of Wi-Fi networks has been constructed with unified management for all Spa houses in the resort. Part of the innovations in the area of voice services was also the replacement of the old central system for a new one, which can be linked up with the modules of the internal information system GubiSPA. Guests can use state of art IT services during their recreation.

The current solution fully covers the needs of the Nimnica Spa for telecommunication services (transmission capacities, availability of services, complexity and others) and provides sufficient capacity to deal with internal activities. New link-up capacities provide users with the deserved convenience of accessing resort applications and the Internet.

Mgr. Martin Pavlik praises the cooperation with the telecommunication operator: “Slovanet approaches its customers with high professionalism. The employees are experts in their fields, so I consider them as equal partners in consultations and the solving of problems and suggestions,” adds the satisfied Client.


SECTOR: health spa

LOCATION: Slovak Republic – Nimnica


  • tailor-made solution,
  • ensuring a fast and stable Internet connection,
  • increased protection of the electronic communications network,
  • reliable Wi-Fi network for guests,
  • proactive customer approach and quality of provided services,
  • speed of troubleshooting,
  • IT consultation with an expert,
  • transfer of responsibility for the network to the operator.