MEDICAL GROUP SK a.s. is a distribution company specializing in the comprehensive distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, special medical and consumer products to medical institutions and chemists.

Thanks to the intelligent solution lora:LINK MIKROKLIMA we have a detailed overview of the real storage conditions of our medicines.
Stanislav Nižňanský, director of MEDICAL GROUP SK a.s.


This distribution company from the field of pharmaceutics has been using the service internet:LINK from the Slovak innovation provider Slovanet from the time of its beginnings. After several years of satisfaction and development of the distribution network, the connection was expanded to include a backup line, a telephone exchange with IP phones and a VPN connection for branches. A big technological test was the move of the company, when it was necessary to relocate the company’s IT infrastructure and security of its warehouse units to the new premises “on the outskirts of the city.”

An essential part of the new solution was the set-up of Wi-Fi coverage of the warehouse with measurements of temperature and humidity in the warehouse and in the cooling boxes. The original solution used Wi-Fi technology and measurement via LAN, which could not meet the needs of the increased client requirements. These measurements are critically important to the company as they store temperature sensitive drugs in the storage units. The preparation was all the more difficult as the warehouse space was still under renovation and the partitions, shelves, technology and cooling boxes were changed until the last minute.

Slovanet provided a proactive design and provided the Client with an insight into the demo measurement of climatic conditions through its solution lora:LINK MIKROKLÍMA, which can cover the entire warehouse space using a relatively small number of equipment even in these difficult conditions. The application of the solution using the Internet of Things network is independent of supply voltage and through it the client can obtain temperature data regardless of the Internet connection. Data transmission is backed up via GSM and LAN technology by two independent gateways. Given the company’s location on the outskirts of the city, the Client was initially worried about the speed of the connection, but even in this case, Slovanet was able to provide high-speed optical internet, which fully meets the needs of the distributor.

The advantage is redundancy at the level of connectivity, coverage of the warehouse by measuring temperature and humidity with a backed-up route of sending measured data offline. The company employees have access to clear and concise updated data via a web monitoring portal. The product lora:LINK MIKROKLÍMA relieves the customer from manual actions and warns him when the set limits of temperature, humidity and other climatic parameters are exceeded, which means that the Client can react to the situation immediately.


Slovanet currently provides a wide range of telecommunication products and smart solutions to the company – high-speed optical Internet called safe:LINK, backup lines, network security solution voice:LINK, virtual private network vpn:LINK, Wi-Fi services to cover the warehouse aero:LINK, proactive monitoring and analysis of local climatic conditions in real time lora:LINK MIKROKLÍMA.

The MEDICAL GROUP in its operation uses also technologies from various companies, such as CCTV systems, security or refrigeration systems. The task of the operator was to integrate these solutions into a functional unit in a relatively short time. The cooperation of Slovanet with suppliers took place without any unnecessary complications and after moving to the new premises, the company operates from the first working day without any downtime.


SECTOR: health and pharmaceutics

LOCATION: Slovak Republic


  • overview of temperature, humidity and many other climatic data,
  • proactive real-time monitoring and analysis,
  • use in exterior, interior and smaller spatial units,
  • time and cost savings through automation,
  • notifications and alarms when limit values are exceeded,
  • quickly solve problems and requirements.