HOSPITAL WITH POLICLINIC BREZNO, n.o. provides a wide range of services – inpatient departments, specialist outpatient clinics, laboratories, X-ray diagnostics, hemodialysis and pharmaceutical drugs under one roof.

One of the hospital’s visions is to continue to improve the internal infrastructure, in particular the logistics of the patient flow, and purchase further new modern technologies. The hospital is one of the biggest employers in the Horehronie region, thus contributing to its development.

The health of our patients is most important. However, the health of the network and its protection against unwanted external attacks must also be taken into consideration.
Ing. Ján Jagerčík, Head of Informatics and Project Manager,
Hospital with policlinic BREZNO, n.o.


An important milestone in the cooperation of the Breznian Hospital with SLOVANET in 2012 was the establishment of a virtual private network (hereinafter referred to as VPN), which enables the hospital to be linked-up with four other sites in Brusno, Bystrá, Pohorelská Maša and Muránska Huta. VPN communication network created for NsP Brezno is separated from other network users. Part of the technical solution is also the implementation of central Internet access for individual workplaces and the provision of voice services. Data services for individual workplaces are provided by various technologies – optical connection, radio in the free frequency band and ADSL. As part of the establishment of VPN, the segmentation of the network was changed and physical connections of individual active elements were also changed. The hospital switched to high-quality CISCO technology, which increased reliability and the possibility of self-management of the entire network. The Slovanet network provides comprehensive monitoring and management functions that enable the customer to provide the required reporting and effective cooperation in troubleshooting.


Slovanet provides the hospital with a synchronous optical connection of 100/100 Mbit/s, which provides fast communication with health insurance companies, authorities, as well as the rapid exchange of important information between other hospitals. Providing free Wi-Fi also contributes to increasing patient satisfaction and thereby improving the overall reputation of the device.

Continuous work with a large number of patients, suppliers and customers requires a high degree of safety. To some extent, the efforts of employees to help patients have been hampered by the amount of spam (SPAM).

The need to protect the internal network as well as the gradual introduction of legislative changes led the hospital to raise the issue of information security. To protect the internal network and work with sensitive information the hospital uses the comprehensive solution safe:LINK. The scalable security system FortiGate performs the functions of Antivirus, Antispam, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Categorized Web Filtering and Traffic Shaping. The solution provides full protection even from unsolicited and annoying e-mails. The FortiGate Firewall provides central access to all hospital workplaces. Remote access security is ensured by installing the VPN client on the respective computers.

SECTOR: health and pharmaceutics

LOCATION: Slovak Republic – Horehronie


  • multilevel antivirus protection,
  • the end of unsolicited spam attacks on the company,
  • fast and stable Internet connection,
  • secure communication between branch offices in different cities,
  • ability to check web content,
  • increase of work efficiency.