Medirex, a. s.

Medirex, a. s., member of the MEDIREX GROUP – provides comprehensive laboratory diagnostics for healthcare facilities in Bratislava, Nitra and Košice, as well as in their surroundings. It operates the most technologically advanced and largest central laboratories in Slovakia and Central Europe.

The company makes use of a world-class automated analyzers and a fully automated robotic system for analysis of samples. Daily it analyses samples from nearly 20,000 patients and provides an average of 200-250,000 results to doctors. MEDIREX GROUP is a group of companies providing quality health care, from prevention through diagnostics to treatment of diseases. It currently employs over 1,700 employees. The company boasts of a complex of diagnostic laboratories in the fields of clinical biochemistry, hematology, clinical immunology, toxicology, medical genetics, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, serology, virology, molecular biology and environmental microbiology. The MEDIREX GROUP consists of the following companies: Medirex, a. s., Medicyt s. r. o., Medirex Servis s. r. o., EnviroLab s. r. o., Nemocničná, a. s., GYNCARE, s. r. o., SENIOR – geriatric center non-profit organization, MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY non-profit organization.

The services from Slovanet are characterized by high sophistication, availability of solutions, security and reliability.
Ing. Miloš Karkuš, Manager of Information and Laboratory Technologies, Medirex, a. s., member of the MEDIREX GROUP

Together from the beginning

The beginnings of successful cooperation between Slovanet and Medirex date back to 2006, when this medical complex started its activities in Slovakia. Medirex admits that when choosing a partner they were swayed and eventually convinced by the active proposal of Slovanet. Over the following years, concurrently with the growth of Medirex, there was a gradual expansion of the services provided within the Slovanet portfolio. While in the early years the main focus was on securing data lines or configuring IT environments, in recent years both companies have focused mainly on the security of the MPLS VPN network (enabling better use of IP networking within a virtual private network).

Current state

At the present time, all Medirex subsidiaries are connected to a single virtual private network. Within these subsidiaries Slovanet applied state of the art security technologies focused on network services, threat detection and suppression, and acceleration of web applications and databases. “The services from Slovanet are characterized by high sophistication, availability of solutions, security and reliability,” says Ing. Miloš Karkuš, Manager of Information and Laboratory Technologies Department at Medirex, a.s.

Slovanet currently provides the following portfolio of services for 51 connected Medirex sites, among other:

  • data connections through various technologies (fiber optics, radio, VDSL, ADSL),
  • security solutions from the world’s leading manufacturer of network security equipment,
  • VoIP voice services,
  • Internet connection with a capacity of 500 Mbps, featured through powerful firewalls,
  • Wi-Fi networks at the sites of the Client,
  • complete domain services,
  • services lora:LINK Mikroklíma – for temperature measurement in server rooms.


In the future, Medirex is considering other Slovanet services – connecting new sites, centralizing network management and its devices…

SECTOR: medical laboratory services, provision of health care activities

LOCATION: Slovak Republic


  • long-term cooperation = mutual knowledge of both companies and the resulting best application of tailor-made services and solutions, highly sophisticated, accessible, safe and reliable,
  • Slovanet has been providing its services to Medirex since its inception in Slovakia and with its services has helped it to grow and expand.