DM DROGERIE MARKT, s.r.o. is one of the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe selling drugstore goods. The first store in Slovakia was opened in 1995 in Bratislava. Today, this successful network consists of more than 140 stores throughout Slovakia.

It offers an extensive range of products in the areas of beauty, wellness, childcare, households, organic food, fair trade products, controlled natural cosmetics, seasonal and animal products. Retailer employs more than 1,270 employees.

A satisfied customer is the goal of every prosperous company. At DM, we enhance the purchasing experience also thanks to the service bigdata:LINK Pygmalios Analytics, which gives us valuable insight into customer behavior in real time.
Ľubomír Franta, Authorised agent, dm drogerie markt, s.r.o.


Dm has long been building a leading position in its segment thanks to the focus of the company philosophy on customers’ comfort during the purchasing process. The network constantly adapts the appearance of the branches to real needs in the form of wider aisles, lighter areas and better orientation signs in the stores. The interior furnishings are subject to constant innovation and employees are provided with more pleasant work space. In the past, dm used classic techniques such as consumer surveys, mystery shopping, and analysis of internal sales and market data to map customer behavior.

To improve its customer knowledge and purchasing experience, the network of drugstores strove to utilize a solution for in-store data collection and analysis that can monitor customer behavior in real time. In 2017, with this aim, it started cooperation with the Slovak innovation provider Slovanet and chose the solution bigdata:LINK | Pygmalios Analytics.

The intelligent solution delivers important data about movement around the store, hourly visitor counts, overcrowding, about the time customers spend shopping, as well as about the popularity of each zone within operations. Pygmalios Analytics can also evaluate unexplored opportunities, such as the impact of weather on customer behavior or the impact of goods relocation to customer movement in the store. With a well-arranged web-based application, Customer Service managers get valuable information about potential customers who are just passing the store, as well as the exact number of people who visited it, and thus can track their brand loyalty. Working and making decisions on the basis of data is more efficient than ever – the solution brings a huge amount of benefits to dm, but also to end users. The result is increased sales, operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

Ľubomír Franta, from dm drogerie markt, s.r.o, ads: “The intelligent solution from Slovanet provided, among other things, an answer to the question of suitable opening hours of our operations, based on real traffic data. An appropriate time adjustment has helped us to increase revenue, in specific cases up to 6%.”


In-store analytics from Slovanet bigdata:LINK | Pygmalios Analytics is currently used in 42 branches of the dm drugstore network. Physical stores have been furnished with Traffic Essentials modules (basic analysis of traffic and population), People Counting and Browsing. The People Counting module captures the rate of conversion of visitors into customers and gives the Client an accurate view of the number of visitors that enter the store, stay nearby, or leave the store. The Browsing module provides real-time information about customers’ movement through the shop based on analyses of the Real Time Location System (RTLS). The solution also included the delivery and installation of the necessary hardware (Wi-Fi, intelligent IP cameras, RTLS system).

SECTOR: retail

LOCATION: Slovak Republic


  • real-time monitoring of customer behavior in operations
  • transparent analytical reports,
  • valuable data to optimize store efficiency,
  • cost reduction and sales growth,
  • efficient distribution of goods and advertising indoors,
  • increase of shopping experience for customers.