ENCO, s. r. o.

ENCO, based in Bratislava, was established in 1993 and has been operating in the engineering industry since its inception. It focuses mainly on CNC processing of sheet metal, custom production, production of clean-room components (especially the electrotechnical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries), as well as the production and sale of operating tables and medical equipment.

Almost 90% of its production is exported abroad, mainly to Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Belgium, Austria and Czech Republic. Its subsidiaries include ZVS-ENCO, a. s., METALLFORM, s.r.o. and Steel Form, s.r.o. Together they have more than 600 employees.

The excellent communication with technical staff, professional skills of all involved persons, as well as flexible solution of common problems by Slovanet were a pleasant surprise.
Ing. Jozef Medveď, Executive Director, ENCO, spol. s. r. o.

The stop of hacking into the server

The cooperation between ENCO and Slovanet dates back to 2015, when the headquarters and subsidiaries gradually became the Clients of this Slovak telecommunications operator. The management of ENCO acknowledge that at the time they were addressing a number of problems in their companies, such as various IT service providers, unsecured headquarters communications, no firewalls, and even recorded attempts to hack into a corporate server. They needed fast and stable Internet connection, data security (firewall), secure server and its backup – backup outside the company. At that time they had no experience with Slovanet, but his excellent orientation in the issue and the attractive design of the technical solution decided on a new cooperation. At the beginning Slovanet mapped the situation at that time in ENCO’s premises. It was followed by an explanation of the need for communication and cloud security as well as an explanation of the functionalities of service backup:LINK ENTERPRISE. It is ideal for data backup and recovery for small and medium businesses, but also for large corporations. At the beginning of the cooperation, ENCO has requested a secure virtual server, including its backup, connection to headquarters, branch offices and external personnel. Slovanet combined several different technologies in the application of the solution and transferred its clients’ data to the cloud, including a professional server backup via Veeam technology.

The Cloud environment

“The excellent communication with technical staff, professional skills of all involved persons, as well as flexible solution of common problems by Slovanet were a pleasant surprise,” praises Ing. Jozef Medveď, Managing Director ENCO, s.r.o. the mutual cooperation. Reasons that lead ENCO to the choice of cloud infrastructure were, among other, security and elimination of the need to procure hardware (its service and functionality). Important were also factors such as the speed and stability of the Internet connection, securing the network against external attacks, and backup of server. ENCO considered that the most demanding task will be to secure the transition to a cloud solution and immediate functionality of existing VPN connections. It currently uses the cloud mainly to exchange data between the subsidiaries and headquarter and to manage network security.

The company ENCO recommends Slovanet

ENCO praises the use of Slovanet services for several reasons:

  • dealing with non-standard requirements,
  • excellent communication,
  • willingness to find an effective solution,
  • professional approach to connectivity, security, data connections, cloud and backup.


SECTOR: engineering industry

LOCATION: Slovak Republic – Bratislava


  • sufficient speed and internet connection stability,
  • securing the corporate network from external security attacks,
  • own VPN (virtual private network) management,
  • server backup,
  • enhancing ENCO’s knowledge of network security,
  • strong protection against malware and attacks when entering into a corporate network,
  • safe remote work.