DIRECTORATE-GENERAL OF THE PRISON AND JUDICIAL GUARD CORPS is an armed security body that carries out tasks directly related to performance of detention, court decisions of imprisonment, the protection of the buildings of the corps, detention facilities and their premises, and the protection of public order and security in their premises.

The Prison and Judicial Guard Corps (hereafter referred to as ZVJS) organizationally comprise of the Directorate-General, Detention Institutes, Prison Institutes, Juvenile Detention Institutes and a Hospital for accused and convicted persons.

We have entrusted our network to experts. Slovanet has managed to build a secure resort network, and we have received comfort in addressing our internal activities.
Lt-Col. Ing. Peter Jedlička, Director of Information and Communication Technologies, Prison and Judicial Guard Corps.


The Corps has been a satisfied customer of Slovanet since 2002. The cooperation was initiated by the need to create a unified resort network – a virtual private network (VPN) for previously dispersed independent legal entities. Each site originally had its own Internet connection. In addition, ZVJS suffered from low transmission capacities and the impossibility of using data and voice convergence. The challenge for the service provider was to move from a decentralized to a centralized solution. As reported by Lt. Col. Ing. Peter Jedlička, Director of Information and Communication Technologies of ZVJS: “The actual transition to a secure resort network was smooth, as Slovanet engineers prepared everything in advance and then informed us about the installation process and the time required.” The preparation of the technical description of the solution was an integral part of the contract before the actual implementation.

Slovanet managed secure an interlink of the ZVJS sites in Slovakia with a large number of users and with differing network infrastructure. To facilitate the work of the Client, the provider used a combination of several technological solutions with high availability – duplication of key equipment, geolocation of IP headquarters. The access to the Internet is realized centrally through a three-stage system of security features including a proxy server. The transfer of ICT systems management to Slovanet has substantially increased savings on the part of ZVJS. The creation of an MPLS VPN network from a telecommunications operator has replaced several different devices with one unified solution.


The telecommunication network of Slovanet has always a highly professional approach to its customers. Slovanet responds flexibly to the needs of the ZVJS; as a matter of course complex measures are implemented within a few days of the start date of the contract. The Prison and Judicial Guard Corps (ZVJS) uses efficient technology to connect more than 30 of its sites via a Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with the support of Multiple Protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

The delivered solution fully satisfies the needs of the telecommunications services corps and gives ZVJS room for internal activities. “With Slovanet, we value the reliability of the provided services, the speed with which they resolve problems, and the active attitude of the provider, who is an expert in the field,” adds Lt.-Col. Ing. Peter Jedlička. The Client also appreciates the comfort gained when accessing resort applications and the Internet.

SECTOR: state administration and third sector

LOCATION: Slovak Republic


  • increased savings by renting complex ICT services,
  • centralized solution for all operations in Slovakia,
  • ensuring a fast and stable Internet connection,
  • safe and convenient access to resort applications and systems,
  • safe and comfortable Internet access,
  • speed of troubleshooting,
  • active and professional approach of merchants,
  • unburdening the Client from the responsibility to ensure network functionality.