AUTO IDEAL s. r. o. deals in the authorized sale and servicing of RENAULT, DACIA and SUZUKI vehicles.

The company was established at the end of 2002 in Bratislava and has a regional network of branches in Dunajská Streda. The aim of the automotive dealer is to offer quality goods and services that will ensure customer satisfaction in the long run.

The tailor-made solution from Slovanet simplified the work with data between our branches. One server, one accounting system is all we need, and we have a complete view of the business.
Zoltán Nógel, IT engineer, Auto Ideal s. r. o.


There has been long term cooperation of the Slovak Innovation Provider Slovanet and Renault Slovensko, spol. s r.o. Based on good experience with its services, Slovanet was approached in 2013 by the authorized dealer of Renault and Dacia, Auto Ideal s.r.o., with the request to connect all branches using a common virtual private network (VPN) and to extend the original VPN network in Dunajská Streda to additional branches. Slovanet’s role was also to secure this connection against unwanted external attacks and to create a new common server for the Document Management System (DMS).

According to Zoltán Nógel, IT engineer at Auto Ideal: “the operational and technical approach of the employees at the stage of service implementation was highly professional”. Slovanet tailored the information network solution to the needs of Auto Ideal in terms of technological requirements and minimal costs. The most difficult part of the project – the implementation of the DMS server – was carried out by the service provider in a short time. At the beginning of 2019, a newly established branch in Dunajská Streda was added to the VPN network. As a result, employees who are more than 50 kilometers apart can communicate and share data with each other as easily as if they were sitting in adjacent offices.


The offer from Slovanet also included the transition from radio technology to synchronous internet connection via optical network for operations in Bratislava – internet:LINK with a capacity of 20/20 Mbps and backed up by ADSL technology. The offices in Dunajská Streda are currently connected to the VPN via radio infrastructure in the licensed band, but in the near future they are also expected to be replaced by high-speed optical internet with unlimited data transmission.

vpn:LINK interconnection of branch offices and computers into one central network with the emphasis on security gives managers of the company a complete overview of the economic situation of the company. The installed DMS server contains important modules for car showroom, service, warehouse, warehouse management and complete accounting. The activities of the company are fully covered by 1 centralized server in Bratislava, which is accessible to all operations and employees of the company. The system provides a comprehensive solution for automotive dealers – creating and storing orders, invoices, service planning and car sales records. Slovanet is constantly improving the quality of its services and innovating the technologies provided. This gives customers a modern and efficient solution for their business.

sales and service of vehicles

Bratislava and Dunajská Streda



  • secure, cost-effective, tailor-made solutions,
  • access to business network from any location,
  • complete overview of the economic situation of the company,
  • increased protection of the electronic communications network,
  • pro-customer access and quality of provided services,
  • speed of implementation,
  • IT consultation with an expert,
  • transfer of network responsibility to the operator,
  • continuous improvement of services and technologies provided.