ACCORD, a. s.

ACCORD, a. s., based in Trenčín, offers first class tailoring services to clients in Slovakia, but also in Central and Western Europe. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has become a leader in men’s fashion.

The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of men’s clothing, from suits, jackets and coats to trousers. It employs more than 200 employees and daily produces more than 200 high quality suits. The high technological level of processed products results from the company’s ability to modernize operations in accordance with the latest trends and customer requirements.

Slovanet’s security solution safe:LINK provides a strong layer of protection against malware and attacks when accessing our network.
Ing. Ľubomír Pénzeš, IT Manager, ACCORD a.s.


ACCORD started using Slovanet’s services in 2004 as a result of the need to upgrade to a fast and stable Internet connection. The choice of the current operator was also supported by the availability of a developed landline infrastructure near the company headquarters and the wide range of services provided with the proposal of specific solutions for the company. With the provision of Internet and a fixed landline connection, the issue of data security (firewall) and backup of corporate data has arisen. Slovanet has successfully managed the transition from metallic infrastructure to modern optic-fiber networks without interruption of connection during the long-term provision of services and ensured immediate functionality of already existing VPN connections.


Today effective business in the manufacture of fashion suits will not be possible without the protection of the ICT network. The designs of suit models, plans of clothing parts and detailed production documentation are stored in an electronic system, which is why the network security requirement is so important. To increase the protection of the information communication network against unauthorized access to important data, leaks and various types of malware and security threats, the company uses the service safe:LINKThe solution covers comprehensive security threat protection, more precisely the following: Network access through firewall, Antivirus and Antispyware protection, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Web Content Filter, Categorized Web Filtering, Controlling or Internet traffic (Traffic shaping), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Data Leak Prevention, Network Access Control and Application Control. The security benefits also include setting up individual modules according to customer requirements, which enables, for example, secure remote work and the creation of single virtual private network for a number of geographically distributed branches. Crucial is also maintaining of the required speed and stability of the Internet connection.

As an IT security expert, Slovanet also aims to educate its customers about the potential threats and risks of information leakage and the importance of using multi-layer proactive protection. Ing. Ľubomír Pénzeš, IT manager of ACCORD further adds: “Thanks to the security solution from Slovanet, I too learned something new about network security.”


Currently, ACCORD is using a professional solution for connectivity, security, fixed lines and data backup from Slovanet.

The operator provides the following products to the company:

  • internet:LINK – synchronous internet connection via an optical network,
  • voice:LINK – use of voice services based on the VoIP technology with Patton converter,
  • safe:LINK – for increased security through a scalable security system FortiGate for high availability data centers,
  • vpn:LINK – creating a virtual coproration network that enables secure access for employees from anywhere,
  • backup:LINK – fast, flexible and reliable data backup.


SECTOR: manufacturing and distribution of menswear

LOCATION: Slovak Republic


  • ensuring a fast and stable Internet connection
  • enhanced protection of the electronic communications network
  • back-up of sensitive data to secure, off-site storage
  • protection against attacks at the entrance to the network
  • possibility of own VPN zone management
  • safe remote work