2-morrow, s r. o.

The Slovak company 2-morrow, spol. s r. o. has been working in the field of digital marketing for 19 years. For the last four years it has been professionally dealing in data automation in the area of sales support and link-up and implementation of automated CRM systems.

The company focuses on web portal services as well as on data processing, provision of server space and related services. Their business activities also include programming services (app, web, AI, IoT), prototype development (smart, IoT, iBOT, 3D) marketing services (online, offline, smart) and graphic computing (2D, 3D, video). In its portfolio they provides products like iBOT, My Notifications, SMART BUS, EYNOTE, TUNNEBOX and WIIVAK. The company is based in Kravany in Poprad District.

Speed, flexibility, availability of services from anywhere, reasonable price, maximum reliability with the services provided ... - we are very satisfied with our cooperation with Slovanet,
Miroslav Šimko, director, 2-morrow, spol. s r. o.

The most powerful price/performance solution

Prior to the cooperation with Slovanet, 2-morrow used an ADSL connection, but the change of supplier happened mainly due to two factors – the first was high price, the second was the insufficient FUP (automatic reduction of the maximum Internet connection speed after exceeding the data transfer limit). Therefore, the company was looking for the most efficient solution with a favorable price/performance ratio. They found it in Slovanet’s service portfolio, therefore they no longer considered other suppliers’ proposals or tender announcements and the company has been one of Slovanet’s clients for six years. The personal approach of its employees and the speed of the deployment of the solution convinced 2-morrow that their decision was correct.

New services that have solved problems

In cooperation with 2-morrow, Slovanet tested the performance of its computing resources in more demanding conditions. This Client uses complex programs for editing of videos, which requires more RAM and higher processor performance. “Speed, flexibility, availability of services from anywhere, reasonable price, maximum reliability with the services provided … – we are very satisfied with our cooperation with Slovanet,” says Miroslav Šimko, Managing Director of 2-morrow, spol. s r. o. The company gradually expanded the volume of the services and includes now computing resources provided via the virtual data center cloud:LINK.

Application of solutions

Nowadays 2-morrow uses the following services of Slovanet to improve and improve its business:

  • LTE internet – Distributed wirelessly and uses the latest wireless network technology LTE (Long Term Evolution). Features include high download speeds and weather stability,
  • VDSL internet – A technology that offers a significantly higher speed of Internet connection and sending of data, 
  • sms:LINK – Low-cost bulk sending and receiving of text messages,
  • cloud:LINK – Powerful virtual software data center without the need to purchase hardware,
  • vdi:LINK – A platform for application and workstation virtualization that allows IT administrators to centrally manage the operating system and settings to simplify IT management. It reduces costs and helps to maintain consistent parameters for all end users.

SECTOR: Information Technologies

LOCATION: Slovak Republic – Kravany

SOLUTION: LTE internet, fixed IP address, VDSL line


  • speed and flexibility of solutions,
  • availability of services from anywhere,
  • reasonable price/performance ratio,
  • reliability of provided services.