SOS electronic, s. r. o.

SOS electronic, s. r. o. is an international company with direct representation in 6 countries. It has been on the market for 28 years. It focuses on the distribution of electronic components for industrial production. It helps customers in more than 100 countries around the world to develop, purchase, manufacture and promote their electrical products. SOS electronic uses state-of-the-art automation technologies in IT and online marketing, making it one of the industry leaders. What the customers of this company most appreciate is its individual service and expert advice. SOS electronic, s. r. o. since 2013 is part of the German holding Conrad Electronic with almost 100 years of history and more than 4000 employees.

Slovanet has always been able to offer solutions that fit both quality and price. It was able to meet our demanding requirements and deliver relevant solutions to meet our needs.
Ing. Ladislav Rybár, international ICT manager SOS electronic, s. r. o.


The quality and availability of services was crucial

When SOS electronic s.r.o. in 2006 contemplated changing the insufficient DSL connection, they decided for the solution offered by Slovanet. “The quality conditions and availability of services were decisive,” says Ing. Ladislav Rybár from SOS electronic, s.r.o. In addition to a simple Internet connection, the beginning of cooperation is also associated with the replacement of an old analogue telephone exchange. This was followed by the completion of an international VPN with link-up of foreign branches, securing of the network by a firewall, deployment of cloud virtual data center in Slovanet, change of the main line technology for fiber optics connection, as well as network security of the Košice headquarters and branches of SOS electronic s.r.o. in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Meeting demanding requirements

Through the suitable implementation of several mutually harmonized products (Internet, backup line, firewall, VPN, VoIP voice services, roaming for cordless phones, cloud…) Slovanet responded to the needs related to the gradual long-term growth of SOS electronic, s.r.o. “Slovanet has always been able to offer solutions that fit both quality and price. It was able to meet our demanding requirements and deliver relevant solutions to meet our needs. During the joint meetings we constantly acted in terms of the cooperation of the company’s product specialists. This left us with the impression that we can entrust Slovanet with selected services and their application,” says Ing. Ladislav Rybár from SOS electronic, s.r.o. He adds that they have chosen Slovanet also based of positive references and their own experience.

Virtual cloud data center

From their headquarters in Košice, SOS electronic, s.r.o. provides warehousing, marketing and purchasing services for its subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. IT services for the whole SOS Group are also provided from Košice, where the hardware is located. Ensuring high availability of corporate services required new investments into hardware as well as in human resources. This was also the reason why SOS electronic, s.r.o. decided to move its production system to the cloud. When looking for a supplier the company had the choice of four solutions. They chose Slovanet mainly for two reasons – “many years of experience with the services of Slovanet and the fact that they will have a single unified solution (starting with reliable internet connection, supervision of critical components of company infrastructure, voice services to virtual servers in a highly accessible environment),” list the reasons Ing. Ladislav Rybár from SOS electronic, s.r.o. He adds that in the initial phase it was necessary to plan the modeling of the situations and the testing phase of the proposed solutions. Slovanet’s consultants turned these to a “custom made” solution and then implemented them into operation, contributing to the smooth transition of SOS electronic, s.r.o. to the cloud.

Services used

Slovanet is currently providing to SOS electronic, s. r. o. Internet services with a back-up line based on state-of-art and powerful technologies, the firewall service safe:LINK, cloud:LINK for three terminal servers, application and database server, AD/DC server, VPN link-up of all branches, voice services and the rental and management of active network elements (switches, firewalls, routers, phones…). “As we gradually expand our services, we came to the decision to entrust VPN, servers, network and voice services, as well as some IT solutions under Slovanet’s management. This proved to be the correct solution,” recommends Ing. Ladislav Rybár from SOS electronic, s.r.o. The company is also considering implementing other services from Slovanet, such as backup:LINK Enterprise or aero:LINK.

Benefits of the applied solutions:

  • “removing the burden” of day-to-day operations with VPN traffic management and server hardware, 
  • minimizing routine interventions in the corporate network,
  • possibility to change the configuration of servers during their operation,
  • the possibility of extending the installed solutions without the need for additional investment.