The town of Skalica

Already in 2013, the Free Royal Town of Skalica became one of the technological leaders in public administration. In addition to automation of internal and external IT processes, the town of Skalica created its own eGOV portal, switched to using open source operating systems and, above all, transitioned its IT infrastructure to the cloud – to Slovanet’s existing cloud system as one of the first clients of this service ever.

Compared to the traditional approach, the new solution brought us direct savings of approximately 10-15% of the total infrastructure costs and other indirect
Anton Bobrík, Town of Skalica


“Compared to the traditional approach – purchasing computers and software – the new solution brought us direct savings amounting to approximately 10-15% of the total infrastructure costs and other indirect savings of costs for third-party IT services and other operating costs. The Cloud from Slovanet has fundamentally changed and streamlined the way the IT department works. We no longer have to deal with server maintenance and downtimes, we have also freed up space and significantly reduced electricity bills,” summarizes Anton Bobrík, the head of Skalica Municipal Office.

Project manager, Martin Andel from Slovanet, concludes: “In the project for Skalica, we successfully combined our products for company and institution clients vpn:LINK and cloud:LINKIt was also an exceptional case in that, thanks to requests and feedback from IT specialists from the Skalica Municipality, many of these products were incorporated into a cloud platform also by the actual supplier as its new enhancements.”



The project of modernization of the IT systems of Skalica, completed by the telecommunications company Slovanet, received a special recognition and the ITAPA Award at the largest international congress on informatization of society. This was awarded by an expert committee during the selection and announcement of the best projects of the year in the framework of the international congress ITAPA 2014 – The Future is TODAY.

After several years of utilizing this cloud solution, the town of Skalica transitioned from the previous KVM technology to the new generation of Slovanet’s cloud platform in early 2017 based on a unique combination of three technologies from Vmware.

SECTOR: cities and municipalities

LOCATION: Slovak Republic – Skalica