The Town of Malacky

Slovanet has deployed the lora:LINK Waste system for Tekos, a company covering technical services and also waste disposal in Malacky. Through this system, which uses the Sensoneo’s innovative solution, the company provides smart-waste management services.

The project was a continuation of a successful pilot phase with the first 23 sensors deployed to different types of waste collection containers in spring 2018. Based on this, Tekos, in collaboration with the town of Malacky, have decided to install 141 sensors for glass containers and communal waste containers in full operation. The customer also uses the complementary Route Optimization Intelligence application for automated route management of collection vehicles. This is the biggest installation of lora:LINK Waste yet and it is fully managed by the provider and all sensors are connected via the Slovanet’s own LoRaWAN network for Internet of Things.

Services used