Information security

The transition from traditional paper to electronic data processing has become one of the most pressing challenges in every company or organisation in terms of securing access to its own business information. The security of information technologies is job number one for Slovanet as a provider of communication services for the capital market and other important institutions. Security is the absolute priority in the transmission of confidential corporate information, electronic financial transactions and their applications in e-commerce. Here is a sample of just how Slovanet provides this security to its clients:

  • Internet access through the Slovanet-administered firewall,
  • Antivirus protection – Slovanet has a simple virus protection solution – the safe:MAIL service,
  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS) – the safe:LINK, service,
  • Traffic shaping – the safe:LINK service,
  • Web content filter – the safe:LINK service,
  • Network login using a system of single-use passwords,
  • Protection of all network access points from masked (altered) IP addresses,
  • Protection of company premises to prevent unauthorised access,
  • Verification of user identities using the certification services of its own certification authority,
  • Encryption of customer transmissions using a tunnelling protocol,
  • Fully outsourced and integrated custom network protection – the safe:LINK service.


Slovanet provides comprehensive consultancy in the field of IT security and information security, from a review of the current situation and risk analysis to the design of a solution and, ultimately, its deployment in the customer’s network with all required hardware and software. An IT security audit is an attractive and cost-effective way of identifying weaknesses in existing systems and Slovanet has a broad range of exceptional experience in this particular area. Heightened security provides effective protection against damages caused by a loss of information that may be a hundred or a thousand times more expensive than the security audit.