Alfa Bio

Alfa Bio was established on the idea of its founder Ján Lunter: “To contribute to changes in eating habits in Slovakia” with regard to human health and quality of produced food. In the case of this partner, Slovanet focused mainly on server virtualization of the so called mobile cloud.

The cloud platform is designed as an All-In-One highly available solution that provides users with the combined benefits of operational savings by virtualizing multiple services on a single hardware foundation while maintaining high security of the private solution. The service is provided based on the Dell VRTX system. Dell VRTX is a modular platform that combines blade server, storage, networking and management in a single chassis. Slovanet provided to the Client support for the VRTX system – the support includes 4 hrs On-Site Service, where a technician arrives at the customer within 4 hours to carry VRTX system service, implementation – this included delivery of equipment in installation box /RACK/ to customer’s premises, installation of VMware vSphere hypervisor, connecting to the customer’s LAN and provision of administrator accounts for the platform. Slovanet also manages the entire platform for the client – the service provides complete remote management of the cloud platform up to the operating system level and telephony support of the solution.